Mission, Vision, Stakeholders

The Combatant Command Cultural Heritage Action Group (CCHAG) supports the war fighter and the military mission by developing reference, education and training tools for DoD uniformed and civilian personnel and contractors.

Our mission is to enhance military capacity by promoting Cultural Property Protection (CPP) as a force multiplier and an effective use of soft power.

We improve cultural awareness within DoD at the senior leadership, command and tactical levels by helping to ensure that CPP is considered during full spectrum operations so that U.S. personnel will perform in accordance with DoD policy and regulations, as well as U.S. laws, host nation laws, and international laws and treaties that govern the protection of cultural property during military operations and undertakings.

CCHAG provides proactive mission support, CPP training products, curriculum development and technical expertise for Combatant Commands and Joint Force Planners and Engineers to enhance operational planning and improve soldier readiness.

CCHAG’s vision and long-term goal is to serve as the preferred provider of CPP training materials, products and services to instill CPP awareness at every level of command within DoD.

CCHAG stakeholders include key COCOM and Joint Force decision makers, international military partners, a broad range of professional and academic partners, and a growing network of subject matter experts with specialties in archaeology, architectural and cultural landscapes, GIS (Geospatial Information Systems), mapping, satellite imagery analysis, geography, anthropology and other disciplines.

“You and the stalwart cultural heritage preservation SME members of CCHAG are genuinely appreciated by the OCAR staff. I am often asked question about how we, collectively within the Army, can better support the Joint Force and the DOS to protect, preserve and properly advise operational commanders. The CCHAG meetings, along with the AIA’s, USCBS’s, and the Smithsonian Institution’s efforts, are invaluable.”
— LTC James R. Ahern
Force Integrator/FA 50
Office of the Chief, Army Reserve – Force Management (DAAR-OPF)