The COCOM Cultural Heritage Action Group (CCHAG) provides global operations, planning, training and reach back support that promotes Cultural Property Protection (CPP) during full spectrum operations for COCOM (Combatant Command) and Joint Force planners and engineers worldwide. CCHAG develops CPP training aids that increase cultural awareness within DoD at the senior leadership, command and tactical levels. CCHAG’s mission is provide support to improve compliance with DoD directives and regulations as well as applicable laws and treaties that govern the protection of cultural property during military activities.

Hatra (al-Hadra), capital of the first Arab Kingdom, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site in northern Iraq, being guarded by U.S. forces on April 15, 2007. News reports on April 5, 2015 indicate that ISIS militants have badly damaged the ruins and removed artifacts from the site. Photo: Joe Welch, 1st Armored Div., Fort Bliss, Texas. All rights reserved.